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Clean Room Insulation

Clean room insulation is a type of insulation designed to prevent heat transfer in applications where temperatures range from -2°C to +15°C are present.

It is majorly used in industrial settings, such as pharmaceuticals, food, and agro and cold chain solutions.

This helps conserve energy, improves process efficiency, and provides protection to personnel from potential burns or accidents.


Dual insulation refers to a combination of both hot and cold insulation applied to a single system.​​ 

This is commonly used in industrial processes where the same pipeline or equipment experiences both high-temperature and low-temperature conditions at different stages of the process. 

​​Dual insulation helps optimize energy efficiency by maintaining the desired temperature range throughout the process, ensuring operational safety, and minimizing thermal shocks.​​


Cold insulation, on the other hand, is used to maintain low temperatures and prevent the entry of external heat into refrigeration and cooling systems. ​

​​It is commonly employed in industries dealing with chilled water pipes, refrigeration units, and cryogenic applications. ​​

Cold insulation materials  have  excellent  thermal  resistance,  ensuring that the cold temperature is retained, reducing energy consumption, and preventing condensation and ice formation on surfaces.​


Acoustic insulation, also known as sound insulation or soundproofing, is used to reduce the transmission of sound waves between spaces. ​

​​It is commonly applied in buildings, homes, and industrial environments to create a quieter and more comfortable atmosphere.​

​​ Acoustic insulation materials absorb, dampen, or reflect sound, helping to minimize noise pollution and improve privacy within rooms or areas. ​



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